Slip n slide pt. 2

Salutations 3N! 

This last weekend we brought out the plastic tarp and recreated our slip n slide! It was a lot of fun and really helped with the heat that day. I saw at least a few of you out there reading it up, so kudos to you all! 

Stay classy 3N. 


Compost Bin!

What’s up 3N!

As some of you have already seen, we now have a bathroom compost bin! This bin can help us reduce garbage on our wing as well as create a better environment in the process! Please use this to get rid of food waste instead of putting it down the sink. Hopefully this helps!

See you around!

Snazzy Ball

Hello 3North! This is past Friday Southwest hall put on Snazzy Ball, a dress up volleyball tournament! I saw quite a few of you out there, and a few of us got to play cornhole (bags) while we watched volleyball. Though most of us didn’t play, we all had a good time!

Pizza Palooza & Movie disasters

Last night knocked it out of the park!!!

…. Well at least it knocked the projector screen over….

To be more specific, last night was Pizza Palooza, an event that featured local restaurants and their free goods, as well as info from the ITS helpdesk and CPR. The event also had an outdoor movie, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which was supposed to be projected onto an inflatable projector screen.  Long story short, the movie was cancelled due to weather. Thankfully our resident angel (SA) Matt was able to rent the movie and let me and a few other residents join in on a private viewing party! Remember ladies and gents, wind+blowup anything= disaster.

Stay Classy 3N!

Grill and Chill Slip’n’slide

Got a good one today 3N! Our circle grill and chill was a huge hit! On top of that, the slip’n’slide that we constructed was a huge success and will be implemented in future years as a main attraction! As one of the people helping with the water event, I had lots of fun hosing the slide down, and watching residents go far faster than they thought they would be, and hosing down all those who got a little too muddy…  some of our own also got to experience the wet and muddy event, which was a success in itself!

Stay Beautiful 3N!



Glow Campus

Whats up 3N? As many of you experienced, we had glow campus this last weekend! The event featured music, free light up glow noodles, face painting and the annual Ball Drop! I saw quite a few of you out there, even a few brave crowd surfers! Lots of dancing and singing was had, as well as all of the growing friendships, in and outside of our wing community!