We, as a wing, try to always have the hall lights off. We decided this to lower our environmental impact of our wing compared to the hall. The dim light also helps at night so the hallway is not blinding! I hope our efforts to keep a low environmental impact helps.

Summer work

I talked with a few residents about summer jobs and what they can expect. I have had 4 different types of summer jobs so I have a lot of experience in what a student can expect.I told them that a warehouse will be nice for the pay day but the employers work you hard. Working at a landscaping job is hard work but you are able to be outside and have fresh air. Retail is nice and air conditioned but the pay is not as great. Lastly, fast food is a high stress and low reward summer job since most pay is minimum wage.

Math Contest

I competed against others in Hugunin for the Math Departments Annual Contest. We proposed a solution to lower the amount of gas vehicles in a fleet of cars and replace the cars with hybrids or electric. This will help keep the environment from declining at such a rapid rate and also produce more efficient vehicles.

Service Auction

Hugunin Hall hosted a Service Auction where all the proceeds go to the Children’s Miracle Network. We raised a lot of money and had a great turnout within our hall and out of our hall. We also raffled off 2 prizes which were very popular. It was a lot of fun and I hope this becomes a tradition. The CMN is a great service that helps with cancer research and also with helping children with there diagnosis and providing them with toys. The more money that the CMN has the more research can be done to cure cancer and create a healthier and safer world.


The Math Modeling Club is official now and we have had our first meeting with a few residents as well! There is a competition coming up and I hope it will be fun! We had a Professor share about all the opportunities that this club can bring. The opportunities include a potential trip to Arizona for the Diamond Dollar Case Study, going to Iowa City for a regional competition, or to Winona for the MUDAC. The opportunities will look great on a resume and I hope to see all of you at future meetings.


We had a friendly floor meeting turned competition. We brought a tv and we all played video games. There were between 8 and 15 people there depending on the time. It lasted about an hour and a half. Jessie also was able to bring prizes which included snacks from GWAM. There were many people sharing a fun time and no one got upset if the lost.