Wing dinner

Whats happening 3N? 

Last Thursday a few of our wing members went to bridgeway together for a wing dinner. We ended up talking about being on campus, how college is different than first perceptions, and how sometimes stress can get to us if you don’t manage your time well. A lot of the time we were making jokes in between serious topics, and it seemed as if everyone was having a good time! Glad we all got to hang out together!



What’s up 3N!

You should have all noticed our new Batman door decs! I mean who doesn’t love Batman am I right? A few of you have already mentioned the significance of the single superhero on the door decs, versus a variety, and honestly if you’d all like to make your own superhero door decs be my guest! Im glad to see you all expressing interest in superheros, it was good to have the conversation with you all about your favorite superheros! It’s good to see more of our communities interests!! Anywho, our next set will be up later this month or early next month!

Stay classy 3N!

Platteville v. Stout

Whats going on 3N?

Last Saturday the UW-Platteville football team hosted UW-Stout for one of the most important games of the season! though we lost, it was a good opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine, atmosphere, and watch Platteville lose to Stout. Even with the loss it was good to see you all out enjoying the event!

Glow Games

Hello all!

Thank you for coming out to glow games last Friday! It was nice to see some of you getting your groove on with the sloth and bear combo outside, as well as the competitions going on around us! I certainly had a good time and I hope you all had as much fun as Sean was having in this picture! 

Stay classy 3N

Career Fair!

How’s your week going? Good? Did any of you check out career fair? Just kidding I know most of you went! It was good to see you all putting yourself out there, proud of all of you! Dakota gets a special shout out for being my wingman yesterday before my interview! Good job all!

If you see a fork in the road, take it.

-Yogi Berra