I appreciate all the gifts I received from you all and am glad that you all care about me! I feel that I belong to our wing and I enjoyed our year!!



I have talked to many of you personally about closing and the importance of being respectful so people can study in peace. We have had a great year and I know all of you are being respectful and we are having no issues about noise. Let’s keep this up so when we study we can learn as efficiently as possible and have as much knowledge as we head to our finals.

Math Contest

There were a few of you who did the Math Contest this year hosted by the math department. I was excited to see the commitment that you all have towards your studies and to increase your knowledge base. I hope you continues when I leave.


I have the policy were anyone can come to my room and ask any math question they have for a class or for fun. They generally ask difficult questions such as the Witch of Marie Agnesi. These are the fun questions that I enjoy helping with and helping the residents with their homework.

On Campus Jobs

I told a few different residents about different jobs that they can have at school for minimum hours. A few that I mentioned were the call center in Ullsvick, the MLC or ASC, WATR, Dining Services, and SSS. They all pay and some can count as a work study for financial aid.


There were a few residents interested in graduate school to further education but were unsure of the steps to get that done. I told them they should talk to their advisor or Professors in the field along with taking the GRE and getting a GRE prepbook. I also mentioned that graduate school for a STEM degree will be free so do not accept a school unless they pay your way.