Bernese Buds!

Hey 3N!

This week for Hugunin Hall’s K-12 House brought 4 adult Bernese mountain dogs to visit, and provide some much needed stress relief to the hall community! I personally felt much better after petting these boyos! I noticed a few of you out there as well, It was good to see some of you taking a break from your busyness to have some fun!


Taste the World

Whats up 3N?

This last Friday Melcher Hall and Southwest hall put on their event Taste the World, held in Dobson hall. The event offered a variety of foods from every continent, and lead you around to each, with fun facts and activities throughout the event. It was good to see you all getting out on a Friday night and learning about other cultures while enjoying food and friends!

Taste the world

Earth Day Carnival

Hello All!

This last Friday UW-Platteville’s green campus project hosted their 6th annual carnival in order to celebrate earth day! This year earth day was during a weekend so we did it a little early. The event was held on the west lawn, so it was easy to see why our fellow residents ended up there at the right time. The Carnival featured different clubs and organizations on campus, and had demonstrations from green campus themselves. It was good to see you all out there getting involved!

Earth Day


EMS Expo

Hey 3N!

Yesterday Platteville hosted our annual EMS Expo, held in Engineering Hall and Ottensman Hall. It was good to see a few of you all out there interacting with faculty and fellow students! I ended up having a few conversations with my professors and a few of our own residents, and watched a couple demonstrations from my professors. Its good to see you all interacting with faculty!


Lunch Date

Whats going on 3N?

We have concluded our first week after spring break and it looks like everyone is as busy as ever! Did you notice our new bulletin board next to the bathroom? If not you should check it out, and add to it! The board asks if there was anyone in history you would have lunch with, who would it be and why? Make sure your responses are appropriate!

See you around 3N!

Lunch Date

Goal Setting bulletin board

How’s it going 3N?

This last week I added a new bulletin board to put wing, this one about goal setting and good study habits. As a few of you have come to me about questions in these areas, I thought it would be helpful to give you all some tips! If you have any more questions let me know!

Poker Night

Whats up 3N?

This past Sunday we hosted the first 3N poker night! We also had some visitors from 3S and 4S join in, so we split into two groups in order to accommodate everyone! A few of you all brought up that it would be fun to learn new games together and be a good way to get to know our wing mates, so I was more than happy to help out! Let me know if any of you have more ideas!